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Nothing can lift your looks and your sprit like a new hair color! A sassy new hair color lets you look at yourself in a whole new way. There are many, many ways to add hair coloring:

Upstairs Downtown Salon offers complimentary color consultations.

Hair coloring can add spice and enhance many hair styles. It's fun and rewarding when it comes out dazzling. A good hair color should look as natural as possible. A great hair color can add shine, drama and fun to your hair style. It can make some hair types easier to style. Although the majority of women color their hair to cover gray hair, many women color for the fun of having a new look, and the pizzazz, or excitement it can add to their hair style.

"If you decide to add hair color to your hair, let an Upstairs Downtown color expert advise and educate you on what direction you should go in, and which colors will work best for your eyes, skin tone, and the base color of your natural hair shade." At Upstairs Downtown we can save you some tears and unwanted disastrous results you might obtain from doing your own color.

> Semi-permanent hair color
> Permanent hair color
> Hair highlighting, streaking weaving and foiling
> Hair bleaching
> Determining your perfect hair color
> Covering gray hair
> Fixing a hair color mistake

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